We offer an integrated advertising platform that provides Enterprises with an effective mechanism to run Mobile Advertising Campaigns. Mobile Advertising is Suitable For All Enterprises, irrespective of size and industry. Mobile Advertising has become an Effective Marketing Tool.

A few key factors that are driving Mobile Advertising are:

  • Global Mobile Penetration rate is around 77%
  • Mobile Phones are often within arm’s reach of an individual, ideal “personal marketing screen”
  • Mobile Phones have become more and more the de-facto personal communication device


Acknowledging the fact that not every enterprise has the know-how to take advantage of mobile technology, this powerful advertising platform has been created and developed to allow anyone and everyone to easily make use of the power of this technology. It is designed to be simple enough to be used by anyone.

The journey of Mobile Advertising begins with designing a suitable Campaign. Whether it is simple Broadcasting, Polling/Survey or sending Vouchers to creating Competition, we have it all!

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